Get the privacy you want with an attractive Privacy Screen

Quality Aluminium Fabrication typically fabricate Privacy screens using 65×16 mm aluminium slats. These slats can be side to side or in a louvre position or we can help you design the perfect screen for your needs and when powder coated to a colour of your choosing, can really make the street appeal of your house stand out from the rest.

We work all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane for both Private home owners, Commercial Developers, and Builders. Our team are fully trained and experienced in the Aluminium Fabrication industry, specialising in bespoke work. That means that no matter what you want, we can build it. We can build a privacy screen from a photo or from a picture you find in a magazine.

Keep you cool

A privacy screen is a screen designed to fit in with the surrounding aesthetic, and offer privacy. Along with privacy, a privacy screen can also offer shade, which when used externally over a window, can help keep a room cool.

Need some privacy?

If you love your home but wish you had a little more privacy, a privacy screen could be the answer. Enjoy a secluded outdoor setting by adding an attractive and non-intrusive privacy screen at the end of your top storey deck or balcony.

Got nosy neighbours?

A privacy screen is also a great way to stop neighbours peering in and blocking an unpleasant street view. We can manufacture your security screen in virtually any colour and style.

Get a better view

Don’t let those unsightly objects around your home spoil your view. All those practical things we have in our yards such a rubbish bins, water tanks, compost bins, and air conditioning units, might be necessary, but they’re not especially attractive to look at.Fix it easily with a privacy screen. We make it to fit your area.

A privacy screen can also be used to provide privacy along the side of your home or rear of a car port. Wherever you need a subtle screen for added privacy, we can assist.

Gold Coast and Brisbane aluminium fabrication experts

Talk to our friendly Gold Coast team about the many applications our privacy screens have. We have a range of aluminium products designed to help enhance the look of your property, protect it from weather, and provide privacy. All our products are custom made onsite for Residential, Commercial Developers and Building clients.


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