Enhance your home with a modern Aluminium Pergola or Patio

One of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home and create more usable space outdoors, is to add a functional Pergola or Patio. At Quality Aluminium Fabrication, we can assist you with both, guaranteeing the best possible quality at a price to fit your budget.

Pergola? Patio? What’s the difference?

Often people use these terms interchangeably, so here’s how to distinguish them.


Is an Italian word that was originally used to describe an outdoor structure built to accommodate climbing plants. Pergolas were traditionally free-standing structures built as an ornamental feature that could also be attached to a home. Pergolas are typically square, rectangle, hexagonal, octagonal, or even round.


Is a Spanish word which traditionally was used to refer to a roofless courtyard. Today’s patios, are versatile and commonly found in Australian homes of all sizes. Even if you have a small garden, a patio can add a functional space for entertaining or relaxing. Perfect for the sub-tropical climate of the Gold Coast and Brisbane.The modern Australian patio, has taken on a role of a room in itself, which can be attached to a home or built free-standing with a roof for shade or weather protection.

All our aluminium fabrication products are made onsite at our Gold Coast factory by our own team of Fabricators and Boiler Makers. Our company produces all types of aluminium and glass balustrading, fences, gates, privacy screens and aluminium structures, so we have a lot of experience to create the perfect patio or pergola for your home.

Get in touch with a Gold Coast expert in Pergolas, Patios

If you’ve been considering getting a Pergola or Patio, the first step should be to call us at Quality Aluminium Fabrication. Our team are experienced in designing and building aluminium patios and pergolas to fit the theme and aesthetic of your home or building.

We offer free and no obligation quotes for any project on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. We are happy to discuss your ideas and we can even create a bespoke project for you from a photo or picture out of a magazine. We manufacture Patios and Pergolas for Residential clients, Commercial clients, and for Builders.

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