Here’s some helpful FAQs from our team at Quality Aluminium Fabrication.

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Here’s some helpful FAQ’s from the Gold Coast team at Quality Aluminium Fabrication

Frequently Asked Questions

Every product we sell is made on site at our Gold Coast-based factory.

Our team of accredited boilermakers is led by four fully qualified fabricators, who make sure our manufacturing output complies with or exceeds all relevant standards.

The only thing we don’t do on site is powder coating – we’ve partnered with a powder coating specialist (located two doors down from us) instead. 

Aluminium is a lightweight material that’s more affordable than steel and more durable than wood or glass.

It can be styled to match almost any aesthetic, is suitable for every terrain type, and provides significantly more security than glass or chain-link barriers.

Aluminium is also corrosion-resistant – it doesn’t rust or rot, and will only be damaged by extreme force.

Once a protective finish is applied, your aluminium product’s colour will stay in place almost permanently.

Finally, aluminium is infinitely recyclable, making it one of the most sustainable building material choices available.

QAF products can be installed in one of three ways:
  1. By one of our experienced installation teams
  2. By an independent builder or contractor
  3. By you

During your initial project exploration call, we’ll help you work out the most efficient, cost-effective option for your situation.


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