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Quality Aluminium Fabrication was established on the Gold Coast in 2002. The successful long-standing business has been taken over by new Owners and Directors, David and Jessica, in November 2017.

Quality Aluminium Fabrications factory, is onsite at our Gold Coast location, where all our manufacturing work is done. Three of the previous Fabricators stayed on with the New owners and due to the growth of the business, we’ve hired an additional Fabricator. All our factory team, are fully qualified Boiler Makers, making us the most professional one-stop-shop for Aluminium Fabrication on the Gold Coast.

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To provide an accurate quote, it is necessary for us to visit your site, take measurements, and discuss your design with you. We will have a Dulux colour chart for you to view the range of colour options. Or we can colour match to your existing product. We’ll travel to virtually any location in on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Everything we do, both before and after a person commits to a project, is done with total professionalism and commitment. If You have an idea, we’ll help you achieve it.

Our process

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, and accepted the Quote, a deposit is required. We then begin the manufacturing process at our own factory on site on the Gold Coast. Powder coating is done just 2 doors down from our factory, with a highly respected professional Powder Coating specialist.

We’re always mindful of time, and make sure everything is done in the quickest possible time frame without compromising our quality.

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What makes our Aluminium Fabrication special

We pride ourselves, in giving brilliant customer service and quality every time, to every client.

Our main point of difference is our expertise and experience when it comes to bespoke items. We understand that everyone has their own individual tastes and preferences, and every job we do must look as great as it is functional.We work with other mediums also. So please don’t hesitate to ask eg. Wood, Stainless Steel, Steel etc.

Read more about what our fantastic clients say on our Testimonials page.

Our Business Hours

We operate throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane, serving both Private Clients, Commercial Projects, and Builders for all Aluminium Fabrication jobs of all sizes.

Our team can build virtually anything you want, which means the only limitations are your imagination!

Our products are typically used to create privacy, security, functionality, and of course modern, architecturally beautiful living spaces.

If you’re looking for security, privacy, or improved aesthetics for your home:

  • Restore your privacy with a Privacy Screen
  • Create property boundaries with our aluminium Gates and Fences
  • And so much more…

For enquiries and no obligation quotes call us between 6:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday or on Saturday between 6:30 am and 2:00 pm.

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